CASA Committee

Who are the volunteers behind CASA River Century?

We have a very diverse River Century committee made up of riders, runners, community members and board members of CASA of the Eastern Panhandle.

Stacy Lawing (Director): 304-671-1219(c)

Vicki Bernard (Committee): 304-263-5100(w)

Pam Curtis (Committee): 703-727-5562(c)

Brian Jolliff (Committee): 304-676-9940(c)

The entire CASA committee would like to extend great thanks to our past committee members who created this wonderful event, and executed it with great passion. We could not have done this without their effort and dedication to CASA and the children they serve. Although this list is far from complete, we would like thank all of those for their commitment. We also appreciate everyone who has contributed this year to ride!