General Questions

Will there be a rain date for the River Century?

No, due to logistics and costs, the ride will take place on Saturday, May 19. Let's hope for good weather!

Why is there not a registration available for the 25 mile off-road route? I see the on-road 25 available for this year?

Great question. You are welcome to ride the old "25 mile off road route", which was the C&O Canal, in any direction, for any distance- any time! If you join us for breakfast and/or lunch, we encourage you to make a donation to CASA-EP, and a tee shirt is available for sale the day of.

We will not be hosting an off-road route this year, though, nor will we have aid stations. After three years of trying improve the off-road registrations, it proved to be difficult and not something we were able to manage well. Separate permitting and fees, aid stations that were hard to get to and hard to keep full of volunteers, and very low usage led to the committee decision to discontinue the 25 mile off-road route. About 8% of our cyclists utilized the off-road, so we hope you will understand- however, you are more than welcome to come out, ride the route if you want, and join us for lunch at the cost of a donation.

How long will it take to check in on ride day?

It takes just a few minutes to check in to get bib, safety pins, cue sheet, etc. Breakfast will be available at check-in/registration.

Which route is easier? The Jefferson or the Berkeley 50?

Welcome to West Virginia — we have some hills! The elevation profile for both rides is about the same so there isn’t an “easy” loop—it depends on your fitness level and preparation. We encourage 50 and 100 mile riders to start early while it’s cooler and take breaks at aid stations as needed.

How many aid stations are there?

Jefferson County loop: (2 stations)
Moulton Park
Black Dog Coffee

Berkeley County loop: (2 stations)
Bedington United Methodist Church
WEPM/WKMZ/WICL Radio (1606 W. King Street)

Will you have same day registration?

Yes, we will; however, please add $10.00 for "day of" registration. We recommend registering early to save everyone money—our costs go up significantly for aid when we don’t know how many riders to expect.

Route Info

Is there a particular order? I just see two 50 mile loops for the Century Ride. And, if I’m riding the 50 miler, which loop do I ride?

Yes! Thanks for asking.

50 mile riders choose which route they want to ride: Jefferson or Berkeley 50. Please mind the aid station hours on the cue sheets, and the starting times to make sure you make it to aid stations in plenty of time.

Century riders need to ride the Berkeley County loop first, and then proceed on the Jefferson. Cyclists who do the Jefferson Loop first will most likely not make it to the Berkeley aid stations before they close.

What is the elevation on each loop of the century?

You can find this information at:
(Coming Soon)

However: please don't rely on the map my ride for directions/cue sheets- these will be provided at packet pick up. (Map My Ride is not always the most accurate, especially on some back roads).

What time can I start riding?

We strongly encourage you to start early! As soon as it is light out, please feel free to show and go, once you have your packet picked up!

Century cyclists: Riders must start before 7:30 a.m. Please feel free to start earlier. (Sunrise will be before 6 a.m.)

50 mile cyclists: Riders must start before 8:30 a.m 

25 mile cyclists: Riders must start before 9:30 a.m.


I want to collect cash or checks for my sponsorship… how will that work?

Thanks for asking! That is absolutely fine, and we have provided you with the resources to do this:

  1. Please download our sponsorship letter and spreadsheet (PDF Format)
  2. We are offering prizes for those who attain certain sponsorship levels: See our sponsor opportunities here.
  3. Very important! If you get donations in cash/checks, and this gets you to an award level, please email vicki@casarivercentury.org prior to May 19; so we can have your award ready for you on ride day. All donations must be turned in prior to claiming award.

Is pledging required?

No! The only requirement for this ride is that you enjoy yourself! Pledging is not required of any rider, but we get requests and donations every year from riders. The ride does benefit the Court Appointed Special Advocate program (CASA) serving Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan counties in West Virginia; which works with abused and neglected children.