The Facts About Zantac Cancer Link Lawsuits

Available for purchase both with a prescription and over the counter since 1983, Zantac is an antacid that was touted as safe by the manufacturer as well as the FDA. This popular treatment for common ailments such as acid reflux and indigestion is now labeled as a carcinogen, potentially leading to a whole host of cancers. Zantac is no longer on the market, but past users are still feeling the impact of the drug on their bodies. Here are the facts concerning the connection between Zantac and cancer, and all of the lawsuits that have arisen in the aftermath.

Beginning with the Recall of Zantac

For almost 30 years, Zantac was sold alongside other over-the-counter medicines, meaning that it was touted as safe for users of all ages. That is, until new data released in the fall of 2019 linked Zantac to nitroso dimethylamine, a dangerous carcinogen. Shortly thereafter, Zantac was recalled and no longer sold in stores for any purpose. Since then, many questions have been raised about how Zantac was sold to consumers when it contained a carcinogen, and how much of a risk it poses to regularly users.

The Link Between Zantac and Cancer

There is no question that Zantac (as well as its generic forms) was tainted with a significant enough amount of nitroso dimethylamine to be dangerously concerning. It is also a fact that some users of Zantac have developed various types of cancers, but mainly those linked to the stomach and digestive region. The reality is that Zantac was recalled in April of 2020, so it is too early to tell what the full reach of this drug recall is. There is a clear link between Zantac and many forms of cancers in users who took Zantac in the past.

Joining an Ongoing Zantac Class Action Lawsuit

As soon as the medical community learned that the prescription drug Zantac also contained the carcinogen known as NDMA, the connection to actual cases of cancer in users also became apparent. Patients undergoing cancer treatment as well as cancer survivors began comparing notes, contacting law firms, and lodging legal complaints against the drug manufacturer. There have been many cases that have been resolved and settled. Even more suits are expected to be filed, namely class action lawsuits, with a projected tens of thousands of claimants expected to join in.

Compelling data from independent labs has proven that Zantac contains the carcinogen NDMA. People who took Zantac at any dosage, for any length of time, are therefore at an increased risk of developing cancer at some point. It is unfortunate, but it is also thought that some cases of cancer brought on by Zantac have been fatal. A large number of lawsuits are going to continue to be filed against Zantac lawsuit as more time passes. If you believe that you are experiencing medical complications such as cancer due to past usage of Zantac, you will want to get in contact with an experienced legal professional. Whether you join a class action suit or file your own legal complaint against the makers of Zantac, the facts are clear.